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What is the best vegan substitute for butter?

The Best Vegan Substitutes for Butter

  1. Vegan Butter/ Margarine. The easiest way to substitute butter: buying vegan butter. ...
  2. Coconut Oil. Ever tried baking with coconut oil? ...
  3. Applesauce. Homemade applesauce tastes great, is easily made – and can even be used to substitute butter. ...
  4. Avocados. Avocados are considered extremely healthy. ...
  5. Mashed Bananas. ...
  6. Nut Butters and Hummus. ...

How do you make butter sauce for vegetables?

How to make Lemon Butter Sauce:

  • First, find a small saucepan with a sturdy bottom and melt the butter over medium to low heat.
  • As the butter cooks, gently swirl the pan to keep it moving without scorching. ...
  • Over the next 4 to 5 minutes, (keep swirling!) the butter should turn a deep, golden brown and take on a nutty aroma.

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How to make butter sauce for vegetables?

You only need 5 ingredients to make this recipe:

  • Butter, of course! I recommend using unsalted butter here. That way, you have complete control over the seasoning. ...
  • Fresh lemon juice – Its bright flavor cuts the butter’s richness.
  • Garlic – For savory depth of flavor.
  • And salt and pepper – To make all the flavors pop.

How to make buttered vegetables?

Tips and Techniques

  • Adjust the amount of salt if using salted butter.
  • Add a small amount of oil when heating the butter to avoid burning.
  • Use fresh parsley if available.
  • Store any leftover in the freezer for future use like when planning to cook a fried rice.
  • Add other preferred seasonings or herbs.
  • Replace fresh vegetables with frozen vegetables or canned vegetables.

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