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How to make easy venison summer sausage?


  • Place 3-4 fibrous casings in water and allow them to soak for about 30 minutes while you prepare the sausage.
  • If you haven't already, grind your venison and pork, separately with a course plate. ...
  • Combine seasonings, cure and water in a bowl. ...

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What is a good sausage breakfast recipe?

Some ideas to try:

  • Instead of forming the breakfast sausage into patties, you can just as easily crumble and brown the sausage mixture to go into scrambled eggs or a casserole.
  • Add it to a frittata instead of bacon or ham.
  • Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches are all the better when they include a yummy breakfast sausage patty.

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How to make venison breakfast sausage patties?

  • Trim all the meat, cut it and the fat into 1 inch cubes, and grind it all through the medium plate of your meat grinder.
  • Combine the spices in a small container and mix with the 1 cup of ice water.
  • Pour the spice and water combination into the ground meat mixture and mix thoroughly for at least 2 minutes. ...

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What does venison sausage taste like?

Venison sausages are super savory and worth a try! Sausages made of venison don’t taste gamey. They are sometimes processed from a mixture of venison and beef. It is fully cooked and tastes smoky and fatty like most other sausages. This is an excellent sausage to eat raw or join in your pasta dish!

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