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What is the best casserole for church?

When the church hall needs something hearty, comforting, and warm, this easy casserole is the universal answer. Not to mention, it's a slow-cooker version, which means it'll be even simpler than your usual recipe. Tuna noodle casserole is an old-fashioned favorite that still makes a regular appearance on our supper tables.

Why do you buy cookbooks?

Not only do they have those loved recipes we grew up with, but they chronicle life and cultures. Just in a twenty-five mile radius from my farm I can find cookbooks rich with Scandinavian, Irish and Czech recipes. And when I travel, I use my sister Sue’s idea and buy local cookbooks as one of my souvenirs.

What to serve at a church potluck?

This classic potato salad was practically made to be a church potluck staple. Don't mess with a good thing, the church ladies would say. A version of poppyseed casserole shows up on every Southern table, from time to time. Consider this the ultimate church potluck all-star. Add some mashed potatoes, collard greens, and biscuits?

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