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What is the old fashioned vintage recipes page?

This Old Fashioned Vintage recipes page is where I share all of the vintage recipes that I make for the Vintage recipe project. I started the Vintage Recipe Project many years ago even before I started the Flour On My Face website. I love collecting old fashioned vintage recipes like our grandmothers made.

What is a recipe collection?

From early European recipe collections which walk the line of food and medicine to 20th-century promotional recipes by Gelatin brands, these historic cookbooks have a recipe for any time, place, or occasion. Chefs and historians can learn a lot about the tastes and expectations of past consumers through recipe collections.

Where can I find recipes from the past?

Aspiring chefs or weary home cooks can find inspiration in recipes of the American past. Over 10,000 historic cookbooks are now available in the Cookbooks and Home Economics collection of the Internet Archive.

What to do with a vintage recipe box?

Bake it as squares, a ring, a loaf or cupcakes. Glaze it or not. Offer it for special flavor at brunch, lunch, or nightcap breaks. Back when recipes were usually handwritten, vintage recipe boxes were a happy homemaker’s most valued possession. Take a peek at some retro recipe holders here!

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