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How do I make a recipe card?

There are three basic steps for making a recipe card. First, choose printable cards in one of the three most common sizes for recipes which are traditional (3″ x 5″), modern (4″ x 6″), and oversized (5″ x 7″). Make sure that the cards you are printing on match the type of printer that you have (i.e. laser cards for laser printers, etc.).

Where can I find free printable recipe cards?

You can find it at Life of Amy J Delightful. Lindsay at Artsy Fartsy Mama is offering free printable recipe cards in 4 colors: red, yellow, purple and green. What I specifically like is that she has downloads for both 3×5″ and 4×6″.

What is a vintage recipe card?

This vintage recipe card is perfect for recipes that have been handed down through generations. We’ll take Granny’s meat and potatoes, soul-satisfying soups and stick-to-your-ribs casseroles any day. You might have to dedicate a recipe box solely for Grandma’s recipes! Download here! These flowers shout “Spring!”

Do you still use handwritten recipe card templates?

Nevertheless, most of us still use handwritten recipe card templates, especially those with treasured recipes handed down through generations. Through the centuries, people have handed down recipes orally from one generation to the next.

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