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What are visual recipes?

Visual recipes make use of task analysis, which is an evidence-based approach for breaking down a complex task into manageable steps. Each task is separated into discrete skills, and individuals can learn to complete skills in a specific order to learn new tasks.

How do you teach cooking to students with special needs?

Use visuals when cooking Visuals, visuals, visuals….they are just so important in special education! Students LOVE and NEED visuals. -Use social stories to discuss cooking and what the expectations are. -Read books to build background knowledge on certain foods.

How many recipes are in the cookbook for adults with autism?

The clear photographs, which include all of the small details that a person with autism or a nonreader needs to be successful, are easy to understand. The book features 35 recipes grouped into the following categories: breakfast, lunch, side dishes, snacks, desserts, and drinks.

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